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Proposed Mechanism of Action

Oncoquest™, manufactured using Aggregon® technology, is a personalized (autologous) therapeutic cancer vaccine that is prepared from the patient’s own tumor cells in combination with a focused delivery to the immune system of high dose powerful immune stimulator. Scientists from XEME developed this vaccine by taking advantage of the natural ability of the immune system to fight infections and malignant cells. Aggregon® vaccines are designed to stimulate the immune system to fight effectively against cancer progression and provide continuous protection against tumor relapse and spread (metastases).


Currently, XEME has two patent-pending applications that are being pursued by our intellectual property counsel (Banner and Witcoff Ltd., Chicago, IL). Importantly, XEME’s technology platform can be utilized to incorporate synthetic peptides, drugs, antibodies, adjuvants, silencing RNA or other small molecules into Aggregon® along with other immune-stimulatory cytokines and growth factors


XEME has also registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) the trademark Aggregon® and claims common law trademark rights to Oncoquest™, each for use in its initial family of vaccine products.

For more information on pre-clinical and clinical studies supporting the use of XEME’s Aggregon® vaccine see: Experimental & Clinical Evidence

For more information on the unique advantages of XEME’s technology see: Why XEME’s Vaccine?

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