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Salvador Vargas, MD

International clinical oncology advisor

Mexico's cancer specialist (MD/ND) who has integrated medical treatments around traditional modern medical treatments to create a customized treatment for individual patients (treatment of low-capacity anticancer and low- irradiation radiation at the same time) and treated for terminal cancer patients for more than 30 years.

He is head of the Central Hospital of Servicios de Medicos Oncologia, located in Tijuana, a Mexican border city adjacent to San Diego, USA.

In particular, the Modified CCRT method, which uses low-capacity radiation and anti-cancer drugs and special drugs developed by him through long experience to treat cancer very effectively before surgery, is currently used in cancer centers in Korea, and is already being used in parallel in the U.S., Germany, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries or taught to cancer specialists.

Currently, we are the leading medical advisor R2T Biopharma Inc. in the U.S. and we are delivering treatment protocols to cancer treatment clinics and medical staff around the world. We provide opinions on diagnosis and analysis and evaluation of treatment methods through remote and individual counseling.

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