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Mircea Popescu, MD, PhD

Founder, President and CEO, Member of the Board

Mircea Popescu is a seasoned biopharma executive having previous direct responsibilities for managing corporate growth, fostering numerous product development collaborations with companies in the United States and elsewhere and supervising clinical trials. He was previously General Manager of Biomira USA where he initiated a productive collaboration on cancer vaccines with NCI/NIH, and was President of Oncotherapeutics where he was instrumental in completing one of the first international biotechnology merger transactions (with Biomira of Canada). Dr. Popescu was also a Research Fellow at Wyeth Vaccines, where he developed a novel flu vaccine that was tested in volunteers. He was Scientific Founder and Executive Director of The Liposome Company, one of the premier biotechnology concerns, where he focused on the development of company’s first therapeutic product that reached the market (ABELCET). Dr. Popescu has numerous publications in peer reviewed science journals and is a named inventor on 24 US patents including those supporting XEME’s technology platform.

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